Sunday, December 30, 2012

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year 2013!

How fortunate we are to have another new year to practice our passion with watercolor.
I would like to hear from you about what is happening in your art world for 2013. 
This year, look forward to video and interviews with working artists and authors.  How fun!

Mondays, I will paint on location with a group of dedicated painters, aspiring to raise their painting skills and exhibit.  You know what to do if interested, right?

Friday Painters Watercolor Class will start a whole new year on January 4th.  The class painters are all skill levels.  I hope to show their paintings and interview them about desires and goals.  This will encourage you to "pick up a brush and paint".

New Years Day, my favorite day to schedule "what's happening in my art world in 2013".  In January I will post the monthly on-location Watercolor Workshop dates/places, on-line monthly class "The Flow of Watercolor", and my Demonstration/Lecture dates and places.  Join me?

This year, I will offer my paintings for sale through my website and monthly exhibitions.  I plan to make a video each month, giving you insight into my painting process.   Also, on video I'll feature my working studio in Hesperia and Hemet.

Join me, let's travel together to enjoy this adventure in painting.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Paint With Me ~ On-Line Watercolor Class

Try something fun! Join an on-line watercolor class. It's private, it's fun, and you will learn the how-to of painting with watercolor. Class starts November 1st (this Thursday). 
We will paint the Poinsettia in time for holiday note cards. I will show you how. 
Register on my web site Barbara Parish or e-mail me with questions 

Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Flow of Watercolor On-Line Class

What's happening in my art world?

The Flow of Watercolor on-line classroom starts Oct. 1st.

Just a Note:
I am tickled to bring my teaching on-line for watercolor painters.   The last four months I've been busy creating steps to take this watercolor technique class on-line.  Recording video instruction is challenging, but I know you will learn faster with this visual aid.
The class will include composition and design, color theory, perspective with line and color, value to color relationship, brush work, and more...

Your benefit for on-line learning:
*  the classroom is open day and night, your choice when to enter and learn
*  weekly class lesson, monthly sign up
*  weekly critique, plus Q&A's
*  video demonstration
*  daily contact, consider me your mentor!

Check out The Flow of Watercolor for more information or e-mail

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Panama Rose
Watercolor Demonstration ~ SOLD
11"x15" watercolor paper
© 2012 Barbara Parish
Curves, flips, connected. 
Soft folds, crisp ruffled edges. 
Color intense to tone. 
Values light to dark.
All on a stem with thorns. 
Can you guess what I am talking about?  Yes! ROSES. 
Roses are one of the most beautiful flowers, yet a new painter has a hard time with all the edges and close action of the petals.   
Here comes the word SIMPLIFY.  Ask yourself what does SIMPLIFY mean to you?  I look at the word simplify and think of less, fewer, selected.  My job of creating a painting is to grab the essence of my subject, not to report every edge and line I see.  Got it?
The rose side view painted with fewer petals, hard edges, with lost edges on the leaves.  

Another technique, I start painting a rose in the center with a dash stroke, and then with the chiseled edge of a flat brush I carve one small line after another, each overlapping in a continuous swirl.  After three layers of swirl I rinse my brush, tap my paper towel to absorb some water from the brush, go back to the rose and touch some edges to release the line.  Now I have lost edges and hard edges.  Try it! 
This technique can be used in all your paintings to create a painterly look.

Join me for a live demonstration August 18th, Big Bear Lake One-Day Watercolor Workshop.  
To Register:  click Barbara Parish 

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Morning at Boulder Bay
15"x11" Watercolor
© 2012 Barbara Parish

This is the demonstration painting I did for my June, Boulder Bay watercolor workshop.  We painted the island reflection and boulders.
One challenge was the gusty wind; all part of on location painting.

July 21st workshop, Bird Refuge at Big Bear Lake.  Join me for another painting day in Big Bear.  We will paint the marshy shoreline, reflections, and birds.    

To register, click web site 
or call me 760 662-3547

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Artist to Artist July

Negative and positive painting, what does that mean?

Does your mind go into a busy mode when you think of learning a new painting technique; oh, I need to take out the trash, or oh, the dog needs a bath? Relax! It's not that hard to understand painting techniques.  The hard part is applying the technique.  Let me help you SEE and understand this valuable technique.  You do the practice.  

Paint the NEGATIVE; visualize a variety of shapes when painting outside the subject line.  Refer to the example below.  On the left side, see the flower formed by the painted area along side the flower shape?  The value change pops out the flower form and gives the impression of depth behind the flower..  

Paint the POSITIVE; paint inside the subject line.  Refer to the example below.  On the right side, see the flower formed by painting the petals and center.  The value change creates form.  

The example below shows negative painting on the left side, transitioning into positive painting on the right side.  I painted this in my weekly Friday Painters class to show a simple example to help SEE this valuable technique.  

Be aware of VARIETY; shape, value, line.

Watercolor Demonstration on Negative and Positive Painting
2012 Barbara Parish
If this post helps you understand negative and positing painting, or you have questions, let me know your thoughts in the comment below.

In my watercolor workshops and class the painters actively work with the features of negative and positive painting.  Click on side bar for Seasonal Watercolor Workshops information.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Paintings Emotional Tug

Convict Lake
watercolor on paper 15"x 11"
© 2012 Barbara Parish
 I remember family fishing trips to Convict Lake, Ca.  Dad would throw out his fishing line and real in as we walked around the lake.  Big trout, good dinner!

This lake is a trickster, it shows calm in this painting, but in an instant the wind comes up and the lake turns traitorous.  White capped swells pound at the shore line, the howling wind, deafening.

This feeling of place; family memories, the thought you would like to be there, are the emotional tugs of a good painting.   The next time you are enjoying a paintings visual story, be aware of what you are feeling; joy, memories, the pull of color, etc. 

Treat yourself, hang paintings that give you the joy of an emotional tug!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Friday Painters Demo with Watercolor

Pretty in Pink
15"x22" watercolor on paper
© 2012 Barbara Parish
 I chose a Magnolia tree limb to create an intense statement of color.  My composition is intimate, revealing soft folds of a gorgeous flower in shades of pink and magenta with green.  I love what is going on in this watercolor painting.

I started this painting as a demonstration for my Friday Painters class.  Water, Water, Water, that is one secret to painting with watercolors.

If you are in the Hemet, Ca. area stop by on Fridays to see what the Friday Painters are painting. 
Or register for a one day workshop.   Next Workshop:

June 16th, Saturday, we will paint at Boulder Bay in Big Bear Lake, Ca. 
Textured Boulders and Reflections will be the lesson.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Perspective on Los Rios Street

Put this date on your calendar, May 19th, Saturday  Yes, this weekend!

We will meet at Historical Los Rios Street, by the Depot, San Juan Capistrano, Ca.
The importance of PERSPECTIVE IN YOUR PAINTINGS is invaluable to a painter.

Values add visual dimension to a flat piece of paper

NO! This is not Los Rios Street :-)
Sign up and participate in this watercolor workshop, learn perspective with: 
Color ~ Line ~ Value ~ Shape ~ Placement

I will help eliminate your trial and error by teaching you to SEE perspective in Keystone (looking up), Aerial (looking down), and Distance (looking to the horizon).

Leave a comment, let me know if you are attending?


Monday, May 7, 2012

Product Review: Watercolor Ground ~ Daniel Smith

Watercolor Ground, a product from Daniel Smith.                                                      

Ugly Duckling, Not
watercolor canvas board 8"x10"
© 2012 Barbara Parish

I am pleased with the easy application and drying time.                                                  
The watercolor brush crossed the surface with no effort and the color dried almost the same intensity.

I found layering color needs a light touch, the under color might lift or the colors blend.  

Nice! Talk about lifting, a damp brush can lift color back to white.  Be careful of blotting with a tissue or towel, the color might lift blotchy.                                                                 
I have covered three sizes of canvas board, ready to paint.  I will take them out on location to paint my next visual story.

The last step before framing, spray with matt fixative. 
To frame, no need for glass, secure the painting with brads, put dust cover on back, wire to hang, name card on dust cover, and your ready to exhibit.

* Watercolor Ground from Daniel Smith
* Gesso brush, can be cleaned with water
* Craft paper to protect the table
* Water to spread ground easier
* Hand made paper or canvas board 
* Fixative, matt finish 

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Bougainvillea Demo at the Mission San Juan

Barbara's Demo

Mission Beauty

Bougainvillea, a magnificent blanket of flowers.  This Opera colored attention getter had the class grabbing for their watercolor brushes.
This little demonstration was the challenge from Carole.  Paint that!
I painted wet into wet by charging in a light tone of Opera, then medium tone of Opera, and just before the shape dried I added intense Opera.  So, the Opera color gave me the light, medium, and dark I needed to make form.  I did some negative painting for the few green leaves trying to show through the blanket of Opera flowers.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Art Happenings at the Mission San Juan Capistrano

The watercolor workshop painters stepped into a world of color and fragrance last Saturday at the Mission San Juan Capistrano. The mission ablaze with a variety of flowers all supporting the presence of arches and hallways that tell the story of its 7.0 magnitude earthquake in 1812. The bell tower was completely obliterated. Now, the bell tower rebuilt and ringing with praise.  Artistic juices flowed; we were encompassed in a blanket of floral jewels that gave life to the broken stucco on the arches and walls.

The class went in all directions snapping reference photos, talking and laughing, pleased about the beautiful day to paint. I set-up my art gear under a gazebo.  Decisions, what to demo for the painters?  Everywhere I looked was a painting. In front of me, a broken stucco column showing the sienna colored bricks, a large weathered pot touching the column with vibrant red geraniums gracefully hanging to the ground; this could be my demonstration. No, I wanted to paint more of a statement about the mission. I looked to my right; there was my demo painting, the Mission Bells!

The Painters were focused all morning, time for a break.  We walked around a corner and stopped in our tracks, in front of us a huge ball of Opera colored Bougainvillea standing in the sun. Carole turned to me and said, Paint That! Yes!! a challenge.  The break was over; we found a spot under an arch for me to demo that gorgeous Bougainvillea.  I was lecturing on color, shape, and the technique when I realized the class was growing in number. Mission visitors where enjoying the demo as a mission attraction. I was pleased!

Walking out of the mission tired, but feeling good about the painting day, we crossed the street to have a late lunch at Cedar Creek.

My next workshop May 19th, Los Rios Street, San Juan Capistrano.
I invite you to come join us for a fun day painting on location.

Accepting the Challenge

I am on a four week quest, a commitment, to build a more vibrant blog; one that will consistently inform and entertain. I signed up for the 4-week Blog Triage class with Cynthia Morris and Alyson Stanfield. Today’s assignment is to describe the people I want to visit and read my blog.

I will design my Aquarellist, Adventures in Watercolor blog to resonate with energetic men and women looking for a new hobby or a second profession. Painters, quilters, decorators, and newly retired, all who are interested in color, design, placement of shapes and telling their visual story with watercolor.

My intention, to show and tell art happenings, write artist interviews, share watercolor techniques, post information on related art events, promote my Seasonal Watercolor Workshops, and weekly classes.

Links: Cynthia Morris Alyson Stanfield

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Painting On Location

No need to carry a heavy bag full of every painting item you own. Pack light for easy carry and a fun painting day.

My carry bag holds; Camera, few paper towels, small water container, value scale, pencil, white eraser, palette, paper, brushes #8 round/3/4 flat/ rigger/fan/baby tooth brush/ and a folding chair that fits between handles.

No need to haul a cumbersome easel, sit in chair, paint on lap, palette and water on the ground. Easy!

In my week long workshop in September, I will suggest bringing an easel.

I invite you to come paint with me, click the link for more information Barbara Parish

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Watercolor Workshop ~ The Jewel of the California Missions

Mission San Juan Capistrano is called the Jewel of the California Missions. Join me, Saturday, April 21 st, explore and paint the adobe architecture and abundance of flowers.

In this One day - One Painting workshop, I'll demonstrate how to simplify the landscape and talk about selecting a color scheme to grab the essence of this historical mission.

Unsure about Plein Air Painting, no worries, this is fun! Seeing color and object placement in person will give you a greater sense of place. So, come along with me, what you learn on location can help you with a studio painting.

Click Barbara Parish to register.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Hello Mother Nature ~ Wind~Rain~Snow

The Cajon Pass and High Desert of Hesperia expecting rain and snow this weekend

The One Day~One Painting Workshop Saturday March 17th canceled

I know, you probably would like the Highway Patrol to guide you up and over the Cajon Pass. This way, you can venture into the desert snow drifts with winter coat and gloves, to talk about painting a vista you can't see and your frozen fingers won't hold a brush. NOT!

I will reschedule this workshop for another time ;-)

Happy Painting! Contact me with questions?


Thursday, February 23, 2012

One Day ~ One Painting Watercolor Workshops

It's time...2012 One Day ~ One Painting on location Watercolor Workshops

Desert Fantasy
Watercolor Paper 15"x22"
© 2011 Barbara Parish

Join me, March 17th, 9:00 am to 2:00 pm, Los Flores Vista, High Desert of Hesperia, Ca.

Get out of the studio and paint on location, learn to SEE the landscape.

The benefits of seeing the landscape: Identify warm and cool color, See the big shapes, Use color perspective, and Sketch the scene on watercolor paper.

I will demonstrate techniques, lecture, and give you individual help while you are painting. Before the day is over we will present our work for critique. Use this time to ask questions and open your mind to suggestions.

Sign up for a fun day of painting. Barbara Parish Watercolor Landscape Painter

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Seasonal Watercolor Workshops 2012

Seasonal Watercolor Workshops 2012, planned and posted on my web site Barbara Parish
These are one day, one painting, workshops. Experience what on-location painting can teach you about composition and color. I will demonstrate watercolor techniques and explain how to simplify nature, telling one story in your painting. Come paint with me!
If you have questions e-mail me

In my studio, I am painting a Still Life. I'll post images of the Still Life and talk about Shade and Shadow. This is in preparation for my Friday Painters class in Hemet.
In class I will demonstrate techniques on shade and shadow and lecture on painting a Still Life.