Saturday, October 19, 2013

High Sierra Paint Out

Sherri, Dick, Kathy, Louise, Judy, Barbara, Ann

Cardinal Village, Bishop, Calif
What FUN! 
Two days of painting on location in the High Sierra at 8000 foot elevation.  Above are the Plein Air paintings finished on Tueadsy.  Everywhere we looked was a painting at the Cardinal Village Resort.

These painting are hanging on display for the month of October, Hemet Valley Art Gallery, 144 Harvard Street, Hemet, Ca.  

November Road Trip for the Plein Air Paintings. 
Next stop: 
C & L Coffee & Deli 
4210 E. Florida ( N. Santa Fee Street & Florida) 
Hemet, Ca. 951 282-3139
Stop by to see the paintings, also stay for a delicious lunch with a gallery environment. 

Monday, September 16, 2013

En Plein Air ~ Bishop Painting Adventures

Colors of Fall
©Barbara Parish 2014
The Plein Air Painters of Hemet are leaving town next week to paint the Fall Colors in Bishop, California.

We will meet and paint with the Plein Air Painters of Bishop.

Our on location paintings will exhibit the month of October at The Hemet Valley Art Gallery, Harvard Street, Hemet, Ca. I invite you to come see our Plein Air exhibit on panel 14.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Painting the Fall Colors of Bishop

On the road again...

CJ-5 Jeep
My Mule
The High Desert Plein Air Painters will paint the Fall colors of the Eastern Sierra.  Leaving in September for Bishop, we will paint the contrast of Winter Green Pine and Golden Birch, white water rushing over boulders down the tree lined mountain side, and the cool rugged mountain reflection on Lake Sabrina.
In the picture on right, find my "Mule" a CJ-5 Jeep, parked alongside Bishop Creek at 7000 elevation. My four wheel drive Mule takes me around the back roads to find my next visual story.
I plan to post paintings of the High Desert Plein Air Painters.  These paintings are for your pleasure, if you want to "own to show" leave a comment.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Surprise Image in my Painting

Every once in a while I am surprised by an unplanned image that appears in my painting.
Can you see it?

My first thought, paint over or wipe out the image.  I know the image sends a message, not part of the painting plan, but I am smitten with the Elephant image that is infatuated with the Bird.

In this painting I use several painting techniques, positive and negative, glazing, and mingling and merging of color.

Tomorrow, I'll be on location in the High Desert of Hesperia painting the Joshua Tree Blooms.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Searching for Spring 2013

Joshua Bloom
The Joshua Bloom nestled in
protective spines.
Searching for Spring in the High Desert of Hesperia 2013

I came across the Joshua Bloom with its tight creamy colored textured flowerets protected by spine like leaves.

OK! This is my painting challenge for Monday.  I'll go back on location to paint this bloom.  mmm, I might post a step by step along with the finished painting. Yes?

Thursday, February 14, 2013

High Desert in Bloom

This time of year the desert comes alive with intense color and new growth.  The Joshua Trees will bloom soon with a huge ball of off white artichoke shape floweret.  The brush, in a variety of sizes, comes alive with a  carpet of yellow flowers cascading to the ground. The twelve inch purple nubs trying to be noticed along a pathway of ruts and stones.  I find it interesting how nature will team yellow flowers with its complement of purple nubs.  Even the sizes are varied to excite the eye. Nature!

My on location painting gear is ready, soon I will take the soft top off my Jeep.  Oops! I might be rushing this a little.  March will bless us with rain.  Okay, I won't take the top off the Jeep yet!

I use a view finder in gray color to locate my next visual story.  The gray color is #5 middle value.  This helps me with painting light or dark values.  On location with the sun and glare, I find I can't tell with accuracy the values of how light or how dark to paint.  Looking through the gray view finder I can SEE the values by comparing lighter than #5 or darker than #5.

Have you used a view finder?
Leave a comment.