Thursday, July 19, 2012

Morning at Boulder Bay
15"x11" Watercolor
© 2012 Barbara Parish

This is the demonstration painting I did for my June, Boulder Bay watercolor workshop.  We painted the island reflection and boulders.
One challenge was the gusty wind; all part of on location painting.

July 21st workshop, Bird Refuge at Big Bear Lake.  Join me for another painting day in Big Bear.  We will paint the marshy shoreline, reflections, and birds.    

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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Artist to Artist July

Negative and positive painting, what does that mean?

Does your mind go into a busy mode when you think of learning a new painting technique; oh, I need to take out the trash, or oh, the dog needs a bath? Relax! It's not that hard to understand painting techniques.  The hard part is applying the technique.  Let me help you SEE and understand this valuable technique.  You do the practice.  

Paint the NEGATIVE; visualize a variety of shapes when painting outside the subject line.  Refer to the example below.  On the left side, see the flower formed by the painted area along side the flower shape?  The value change pops out the flower form and gives the impression of depth behind the flower..  

Paint the POSITIVE; paint inside the subject line.  Refer to the example below.  On the right side, see the flower formed by painting the petals and center.  The value change creates form.  

The example below shows negative painting on the left side, transitioning into positive painting on the right side.  I painted this in my weekly Friday Painters class to show a simple example to help SEE this valuable technique.  

Be aware of VARIETY; shape, value, line.

Watercolor Demonstration on Negative and Positive Painting
2012 Barbara Parish
If this post helps you understand negative and positing painting, or you have questions, let me know your thoughts in the comment below.

In my watercolor workshops and class the painters actively work with the features of negative and positive painting.  Click on side bar for Seasonal Watercolor Workshops information.