Wednesday, November 25, 2009

High Desert Plein Air Painter

Yesterday I drove my mule, (CJ-5 Jeep) across the street from my house in Hesperia to Las Flores Ranch. This is the oldest working ranch in California. Beautiful deciduous trees, Joshua's, brush, vistas, lakes, all between hills and lined on one side by the San Bernadino Mountain range. In the morning-light the cool blues are on the mountains, cool yellow flowered brush spot the vista. Joshua trees stand tall, some are one hundred years old. A warm path leads into that vista showing ruts, rocks, and warm yellow flowering shrubs and brown brush laying close to the ground.
I cannot resist painting in the High Desert.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Saturday Paint Out

Good Weather, Good Location, Good Painters!

"Along the Banks of the Zanja" the third annual open air art for open spaces co-sponsored by Redlands Art Association and the Redlands Conservancy. The historic Zanja water way remains in relatively pristine condition. Preservation is the goal. Show dates November 22-28th Redland Art Association Gallery.

The first of eight painting locations, Walnut Street. A back road in Redlands amidst a large orange grove the Zanja stream runs through. Driving on a spotted paved road through an orange grove I felt like a kid again; raised in Fullerton, my backyard a large orange grove. Nearing the roads end, driving slow over a narrow bridge acrossing the Zanja, I spotted a lone easel standing at Zanja's bank. This is the right place!

Soon other cars one by one drove in and parked. Plein Air Artists were scurrying everywhere talking, laughing, and setting up their painting gear. Watercolors, Pastels, Oils, Acrylics, all were represented. The paintings they produced were colorful and exciting. I introduced myself and asked who are you wonderful painters? They laughed and said the Plein Air Artists of Riverside. Pat talked about being in Woman Artists of the West. My spirit soared, I am an associate member of Women Artists of the West. Pat hugged me and said she just received Signature Membership. "We are kindred spirits".

The wind came up about noon the paintings were done and it was time to leave. Pat asked me to join the PAAR, Plein Air Artists of Riverside. I can do that!!!

I left with good memories, a good painting, and new on location painting friends.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Shape Maker ~ Story Teller ~ Entertainer
I tell visual stories by painting with Watercolor

Painting on location with luscious fall color Aspens

mixed with midnight green pines

rushing stream over boulders

winding its way down the mountain side

Nature is my inspiration

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

High Desert Essence

Walking where the ravens are squawking their morning song, where the path is sandy and rough, and where peace and contentment flow like cool water that quenches my thirst.

I am a Watercolor Landscape Painter who observes the color scheme and values of our land and its inhabitants. I am always searching for my next visual story.
This is just the beginning...