Sunday, October 31, 2010

Watercolor Class Paints Night Scene

The watercolor class lesson on perspective and glazing yields a night scene painting. The tall buildings, dark sky, and lights were a challenge.
Each month new paintings hang on the Watercolor Panel at Hemet Valley Art Gallery, Hemet, Ca.
Watercolor Class meets each Thursday and Friday Afternoon.
I teach watercolor technique and the courage to paint.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

High Sierra Color

Morning light reveals scattered clouds resting on top mountains that line each side of this gorgeous valley.
My plan for the day, drive up Bishop Creek road to locate the Aspen Trees at peak color. At 7000 elevation the mountain canyons and crevasses display the fall Aspen Trees in all their glory. Yellow, Gold, Red, an analogous color scheme that commands attention.
My reference photos capture the intimate setting of the Aspen, the Aspen grove cascading down jagged cliffs into the canyon below, and colorful reflections in still water. Truly a painters paradise.
In town I bought fresh baked bread from Schat's Bakery (yummy!) and stopped by Spellbinder Book Store to check on the release of California Writers Club Anthology 2010. My story "Illusion of Safety" is a good read. When I receive a release date I will post it.

Monday, October 18, 2010

High Sierra Watercolor Action

Sunday night it rained steady as thunder rumbled across the sky. Monday morning about 7:30 I took our Schnauzer Sadie to the dog run. I glanced up to the mountains and saw SNOW! Yes, during the night the High Sierra got its first dusting of SNOW.
After breakfast Wayne and I ventured out, the weather cold, the sun teases me with light and challenges me to show my easel.
After awhile the chill is creeping into our bones and we go back to the hotel.

Looking forward to a sunny day tomorrow.

A Plein Air Painter in Search of Fall Colors

The destination Bishop, Ca. in search of fall colors.

I felt like a storm chaser driving across 395 watching the sky change from clear blue to very dark heavy rain clouds. A spectacular display of an alive powerful sky.

The Eastern Sierra stand tall and mighty competing with the water filled clouds that consume its peaks. In the valley the sun radiates through a break in the cloud cover and kisses the land with light. Magic!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

High Desert Fantasy

Breaking News:
The watercolor painting High Desert Fantasy received a Best of Show at the Hemet Valley Art Gallery, Hemet, Ca.
This is a new painting on display for the first time.
I am sooooo pleased.