Monday, April 30, 2012

Art Happenings at the Mission San Juan Capistrano

The watercolor workshop painters stepped into a world of color and fragrance last Saturday at the Mission San Juan Capistrano. The mission ablaze with a variety of flowers all supporting the presence of arches and hallways that tell the story of its 7.0 magnitude earthquake in 1812. The bell tower was completely obliterated. Now, the bell tower rebuilt and ringing with praise.  Artistic juices flowed; we were encompassed in a blanket of floral jewels that gave life to the broken stucco on the arches and walls.

The class went in all directions snapping reference photos, talking and laughing, pleased about the beautiful day to paint. I set-up my art gear under a gazebo.  Decisions, what to demo for the painters?  Everywhere I looked was a painting. In front of me, a broken stucco column showing the sienna colored bricks, a large weathered pot touching the column with vibrant red geraniums gracefully hanging to the ground; this could be my demonstration. No, I wanted to paint more of a statement about the mission. I looked to my right; there was my demo painting, the Mission Bells!

The Painters were focused all morning, time for a break.  We walked around a corner and stopped in our tracks, in front of us a huge ball of Opera colored Bougainvillea standing in the sun. Carole turned to me and said, Paint That! Yes!! a challenge.  The break was over; we found a spot under an arch for me to demo that gorgeous Bougainvillea.  I was lecturing on color, shape, and the technique when I realized the class was growing in number. Mission visitors where enjoying the demo as a mission attraction. I was pleased!

Walking out of the mission tired, but feeling good about the painting day, we crossed the street to have a late lunch at Cedar Creek.

My next workshop May 19th, Los Rios Street, San Juan Capistrano.
I invite you to come join us for a fun day painting on location.

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