Monday, May 7, 2012

Product Review: Watercolor Ground ~ Daniel Smith

Watercolor Ground, a product from Daniel Smith.                                                      

Ugly Duckling, Not
watercolor canvas board 8"x10"
© 2012 Barbara Parish

I am pleased with the easy application and drying time.                                                  
The watercolor brush crossed the surface with no effort and the color dried almost the same intensity.

I found layering color needs a light touch, the under color might lift or the colors blend.  

Nice! Talk about lifting, a damp brush can lift color back to white.  Be careful of blotting with a tissue or towel, the color might lift blotchy.                                                                 
I have covered three sizes of canvas board, ready to paint.  I will take them out on location to paint my next visual story.

The last step before framing, spray with matt fixative. 
To frame, no need for glass, secure the painting with brads, put dust cover on back, wire to hang, name card on dust cover, and your ready to exhibit.

* Watercolor Ground from Daniel Smith
* Gesso brush, can be cleaned with water
* Craft paper to protect the table
* Water to spread ground easier
* Hand made paper or canvas board 
* Fixative, matt finish 

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