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A visual story is everywhere; stop, look, and listen

This blogger will report on Art Happenings to inform, entertain, and inspire:

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 Nice weather! I’ll take the top off my jeep, load my painting gear, and let the watercolor painting adventures begin.

I want to tell you about one little incident I had while on location painting. Scary, but touching!
I set up my easel at waters edge so I could paint reflections. I was totally absorbed in composition and color when my attention diverted to loud squawking coming from close by. Geese! Yes, a couple dozen large geese honking and squawking, walking toward me. I kept painting ignoring them. The geese stood half my height surrounding me. Remember in a cowboy and indian movie how the Indians hooping and hollering surrounded a wagon train? I was stunned, but knew I shouldn’t run. These gorgeous multicolored geese wrapped me into their protected territory. They sat penning their feathers and on guard. All was quiet!
I will never forget this adventure!

My twenty-six years of painting, exhibiting, awards, and teaching, I still pick up a brush with delight. I continue to learn and practice daily with purpose.

Painting Goals:
* Lecture and Demonstrate ~ Teaching watercolor techniques and the giving the courage to paint.
* Exhibit Original Watercolor Paintings
* Teach Weekly Watercolor Creativity Class
* Seasonal On-location Workshops
* Paint on location

Writing Goals:
* Write and Illustrate a book on Watercolor Techniques.
* I am writing my Dad’s memoir, his life in Chicago when gangsters and prohibition ruled the streets. Séances and Flappers were the weekly entertainment and the Great Depression changed family’s lives. On the family farm, my Dad worked the land with a team of horses, learned to mount a horse on the run, and shoot to kill.

* I planted 25 young sticks of Cabernet Sauvignon grapevines five years ago.  I have nurtured and cared for my vineyard daily.  This the Fifth year, my vineyard is producing gorgeous deep purple grapes that I will make into wine. My intention, to paint the story of a working vineyard.
My Mule
CJ-5 Jeep

* * *

I am a Southern California gal, I scout the back roads for my next visual story in my CJ-5 Jeep; I call my mule. I take photos for reference, sketch to become familiar with place, and enjoy my time out in nature.  

Contact Barbara: P.O. Box 401743, Hesperia, Ca 92340

E-Mail:  barbaraparish@verizon.net
Web Site: barbaraparish.weebly.com

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