Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Flow of Watercolor On-Line Class

What's happening in my art world?

The Flow of Watercolor on-line classroom starts Oct. 1st.

Just a Note:
I am tickled to bring my teaching on-line for watercolor painters.   The last four months I've been busy creating steps to take this watercolor technique class on-line.  Recording video instruction is challenging, but I know you will learn faster with this visual aid.
The class will include composition and design, color theory, perspective with line and color, value to color relationship, brush work, and more...

Your benefit for on-line learning:
*  the classroom is open day and night, your choice when to enter and learn
*  weekly class lesson, monthly sign up
*  weekly critique, plus Q&A's
*  video demonstration
*  daily contact, consider me your mentor!

Check out The Flow of Watercolor for more information or e-mail