Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Paintings Emotional Tug

Convict Lake
watercolor on paper 15"x 11"
© 2012 Barbara Parish
 I remember family fishing trips to Convict Lake, Ca.  Dad would throw out his fishing line and real in as we walked around the lake.  Big trout, good dinner!

This lake is a trickster, it shows calm in this painting, but in an instant the wind comes up and the lake turns traitorous.  White capped swells pound at the shore line, the howling wind, deafening.

This feeling of place; family memories, the thought you would like to be there, are the emotional tugs of a good painting.   The next time you are enjoying a paintings visual story, be aware of what you are feeling; joy, memories, the pull of color, etc. 

Treat yourself, hang paintings that give you the joy of an emotional tug!

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