Monday, March 24, 2014

On Location Painting Adventures

CJ-5 Jeep
My Mule
A new Season!
2014 March, weather good for painting on location.
Here in the High Desert of Hesperia I have choices where to paint, High Desert or San Bernardino Mountain range, I like both.

In the desert, intense yellow flower brush are blooming, the landscape hosting a greyed quiet color.

I pack my painting gear and snack ;-), head out for the day, looking for my next visual story.

I feel it's important to break down, or simplify the landscape into five sections on the paper, then fill in the objects that tell my visual story. This really helps me with placement of objects.  Try it for yourself, let me know if this method works for you?

On location I use 140 lb. watercolor paper 11"x15" called a quarter sheet.  I take a 9"x 9" watercolor sketchbook to record my ideas, color schemes, and a camera for reference photos.

2014 painting adventure begins!

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