Monday, November 1, 2010

PAAR ~ Riverside National Cemetery Painting Exhibit

"Standing in Honor"
"Painting on location at the Riverside National Cemetery was a humbling experience; this the resting place for our fallen worriers. This area of towering trees gave me the feeling of place. I painted soft edges and crisp edges showing the variety and strength of this gathering of trees the same as the men who rest their".
* * *
Banning Center for the Arts will host the Plein Air Artists of Riverside National Cemetery painting Exhibit. PAAR painted in plein air Oct. 2009 for three weeks and garnered a beautiful collection of plein air paintings that were on display at the Riverside National Cemetery until June 2010. This exhibit of beautiful paintings will now be on display at the Banning Center for the Arts. A must see exhibit!
PAAR is affiliated with the Riverside Art Museum and is very proud to display this exhibit in Banning for everyone to see.
A reception in honor of the paintings and the artist will be held on Veteran's Day Nov. 11, 2010 after the dedication of the Veteran's Wall at the Banning Woman's Center starting a 1pm. for more information.

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